Read what people are saying about Love Like A Mama...

"I love it! It filled my heart up. I laughed and then I cried-it was like emotional whiplash."

Janie Harrison

"Your book is a blessing. The encouragement and unfiltered reality of what motherhood is really like, reminded me I'm living the most important roles of my life as a wife and mother. I'm sitting here after a chaotic day of feeling like I failed only to be reminded of the beauty of it all. Thank you for your gift."

Mari Arista

"I love the perspectives and advice. This book will change lives and I can't wait to tell everyone about it!"

Ariel Justice

This book is SO good. Just what I've needed. I am going to be gifting this to every mama I know! I loved it."

Kristy Whitley

"If you're a mom in any stage of your life, I would highly suggest getting a copy of Love Like A Mama. It's full of heart, inspiration, and perspective."

Stephanie MacDougall


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