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"I love it! It filled my heart up. I laughed and then I cried-it was like emotional whiplash."


"Your book is a blessing. The encouragement and unfiltered reality of what motherhood is really like, reminded me I'm living the most important roles of my life as a wife and mother. I'm sitting here after a chaotic day of feeling like I failed only to be reminded of the beauty of it all. Thank you for your gift."


"I love the perspectives and advice. This book will change lives and I can't wait to tell everyone about it!"


"It's SO good. Just what I've needed. I am going to be gifting this to every mama I know! I loved it."


"If you're a mom in any stage of your life, I would highly suggest getting a copy of Love Like A Mama. It's full of heart, inspiration, and perspective."


"I cannot say enough good things about this book! You will laugh, cry, and most of all relate! It's nice to have the daily encouragement and to know you're not the only one figuring out motherhood."


"Beautiful book. Would make a great gift. On one page I was laughing, the next I was in tears. Encourages mothers at every stage from newborn to grandmother. Love the mama journal in the back to take notes."


"This is such a well-written book for mothers of all ages to continue on in their journey of motherhood-during the good and not-so-good times. You will find encouraging comments for every day of the year. Every mother should own a copy of this book! It makes for a great gift, too...whether it's mother's day, a birthday, Christmas, a baby shower, or just because."


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