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You have needs, too, Mama

My friend has an adorable two-year-old daughter that my sweet seventeen-year-old daughter babysits. Sunday, at church, the two-year-old walked up to my seventeen-year-old and said, "I need to sit on your lap." My seventeen-year-old scooped her up, and the need was immediately met.

When do we lose that? That complete trust to tell someone what we need and have that need met.

Don't forget that you have needs, too, Mama. It's necessary that we put ourselves first. When we take care of ourselves, we feel better. When we feel better, we're nicer. If we're nicer, we have the patience to deal with whatever motherhood might throw our way.

So sit down and make a list of your needs. What are they? More sleep? Alone time? Exercise? A chat with a friend? Time spent on a hobby? A hot bath? Also, keep in mind that these need to be daily instances. Part of being a good mother is mothering yourself so make sure you have firm boundaries to protect yourself. Eat your vegetables, laugh, go to bed early. All the things that are good for your children, are also good for you. And if one of your needs requires help from someone else then, ask for help.

You are important and so are your needs.

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